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April 27, 2006


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1.         Security sources provided few details about those detained, but one source said three of them were computer engineers who had arrived in Dahab from Cairo(開羅) the day before the blasts, which went off nearly simultaneously on Monday evening.

2.          Thailand's top judges say they will meet on Friday to try to resolve the political crisis, after a rare appeal from the country's revered king. There is speculation they could nullify (宣布無效)the results of the recent election.  In a televised speech on Tuesday, King Bhumibol Adulyadej rejected calls to intervene himself, and said it was up to the courts to solve the "mess".

3.          In central Katmandu's(加德滿都) hundreds of riot police were lined up to stop demonstrators from marching toward the royal palace(皇宮) just a few hundred yards (meters) away. Witnesses said there was one minor clash, with a brief exchange of rocks and tear gas. One person was taken away in an ambulance.

4.          First lady Wu Shu-chen(吳淑珍) came under fire(受到言詞攻擊) for the first time in the Legislative Yuan yesterday for stock market operations(股市操作), which President Chen Shui-bian had promised she would refrain from. Ruling Democratic Progressive Party lawmakers joined their opposition counterparts in blasting(嚴厲批評) the first lady for "cheating the voters." (欺騙選民)

5.          Rumors that Taiwan or China helped fund bribes that secured Rini the prime minister's job last week in a secret ballot of the troubled South Pacific nation's 50 lawmakers have abounded in the capital, Honiara, and have been blamed in part for a rampage by looters(搶劫者) and rioters in the city's Chinatown(中國城).

6.          Iran said on Tuesday it would freeze ties with the U.N. nuclear watchdog and speed up its atomic program if it were hit by international sanctions.  "If you impose sanctions, Iran will suspend its relations with the agency (International Atomic Energy Agency國際原子能總署)," chief nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani told a conference on nuclear issues in Tehran.

7.          A new report says an estimated fifty million to seventy million Americans have sleep problems.  It says many more are suffering from lack of sleep. The report says American businesses lose more than one hundred thousand million dollars a year because of tired workers. Some employees are too tired to report for work. They have accidents or are less productive(生產力的) at work. Other costs included increased visits to doctors.

8.          Eight days after his election, Prime Minister Snyder Rini of Solomon Islands stepped down (下台)Wednesday ahead of a no-confidence vote planned by opposition lawmakers.  Rini's links to corruption-tainted politicians and unsubstantiated rumors that he funded his campaign with money from Taiwan or China -- rivals in a contest for diplomatic allies -- had sparked anti-Asian riots that reduced Honiara's Chinatown to rubble(廢墟) last week.

9.          A Mexican beggar who found a bag of jewellery(=jewelry)in a dustbin returned it to its rightful owners(原主). Alberto Gonzales, 48, found a bagcontaining five gold necklaces and four diamond rings in a bin in Mexico City.  He returned it to the people who live in the building to which the bin belonged.  It turned out that a man had hidden the jewellery in a plastic bag for safekeeping(保護) but did not tell his wife who threw it out.

10.      China, Russia and four Central Asian states(中亞國家) have agreed to hold anti terrorism drills in Russia next year, China's official Xinhua news agency(新華社) said on Wednesday. The six nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO上海合作會議) announced the exercises after a one-day meeting of their defense ministers in Beijing. Mongolia, Pakistan, India and Iran are observer countries (觀察國)at SCO meetings.


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