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October 5, 2006


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1.          President Bush says U.S. troopsfighting terrorists in Iraq are making Americans safer at home. Opposition Democrats say a U.S. intelligence review concludes that the war in Iraq is building support (助長) for terrorists. ( 9/28, VOA)

2.          The death toll from one of the most powerful typhoons to hit the Philippines in nearly a decade has risen to 30. Several people are still missing. Typhoon Xangsane(象神) roared through Manila Thursday with winds up to 130 kilometers-per-hour, and stronger gusts.( 9/29, VOA)

3.          When (the motion to recall the president) adopted(省略子句,when 後省it is), the proposal would have to be put to a referendum(全民公投), in which at least half of the voters have to take part and a simple majority of them must say yes to recall (罷免)President Chen. ( 9/29, China Post)

4.          Almost all counties and cities(縣、市) with elected DPP officials refused Shih Ming-te(施明德) and anti-graft permission to hold rallies in their areas, saying(=and said) large-scale gatherings will only spark violence. ( 9/29, China Post)

5.          Acting Kaohsiung Mayor Yeh Chu-lan(高雄市代理市長葉菊蘭), whose husband committed suicide to fight for freedom of speech and assembly, has not approved of anti-corruption rallies, although President Chen Shui-bian supporters are organizing a record gathering of 300,000 people in the city tonight.( 9/29, China Post)

6.          A doctor at the Miners Hospital located in Patu District of Keelung, northern Taiwan, was kidnapped on August 26 and was released four days later after paying a ransom of NT$2 million to three gangsters(歹徒), the police said yesterday. (10/1, China Post)

7.          One of America's best-known(最有名的) investigative reporters says the Bush administration has made tragic mistakes in the war in Iraq, and is blind to the grim reality of Iraq's worsening situation. Journalist and author Bob Woodward appeared on U.S. television Sunday.(10/2, VOA)

8.          Wu Shu-chen(吳淑珍), the wife of Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian was accused of accepting vouchers(禮券) from a department store in return for her influence.  Prosecutors said there was no evidence that she had intervened during the Sogo store's takeover in 2004.  President Chen has been under pressure over a series of scandals involving his family and close aides(親信). (10/3, BBC)

9.          At least 11 people have been killed and some 50 wounded in a motorway crash involving dozens of cars at the start of a national holiday in South Korea.  The pile-up (還環車禍)happened after two lorries(大卡車) collided in thick fog(濃霧) on a bridge some 70km (45 miles) south-west of the capital, Seoul(首爾), police said. (10/3, BBC)

10.      South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-Moon(南韓外長潘基文) was set to be confirmed next week as the next U.N. secretary general(聯合國秘書長) after winning a fourth informal poll(四度領先其他候選人) in the Security Council, diplomats said. The Security Council was formally to recommend its candidate to replace outgoing(即將離職的) Secretary General Kofi Annan to the General Assembly on Oct. 9. (10/4, China Post)

11.      Government agencies are arranging the trip for the family members of five Chinese tourists who died in a bus crash in central Taiwan Monday while the 15 injured are recovering in hospital.  The Taipei-based Straits Exchange Foundation (SEF海基會) said that it has notified its counterpart in China that it will provide all necessary assistance to the family members of Chinese tourists who died or were injured in a the traffic accident in Nantou County.(10/4, China Post)

12.      Japan's new Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (安倍晉三) will visit China and South Korea next week hoping to rebuild regional ties.  Mr Abe will go to Beijing on 8 October then fly to Seoul a day later, the three countries have confirmed. His visit to Beijing will be the first bilateral summit(雙邊高峰會) between Chinese and Japanese leaders for five years.(10/5, BBC)


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