Common Errors (I)






June 7, 2003



Correct the errors in the following sentences:


1. He told me that he was easy to get angry.



2. I have entered the university for nearly five months.



3. My friend invited me to his birthday party.  I accepted it with thanks.



4. I don't like the course because it lacks interest.  Do you find it interested?



5. Diana did not like physics and I also did not like it.



6. A classmate of mine invited me to her birthday party.  I received her invitation gladly.



7. My mathematical teacher is very enthusiastic in teaching and strict in grading.



8. The day before yesterday he told me that he had mailed the letter three
days ago.



9. Because she was not introduced to me, so she did not talk to me.



10. We are urged to help overseas Chinese students as possible as we can.



11. My lessons were too busy for me to go the Internet café that night.



12.  In springtime everywhere can see beautiful azaleas of various colors.



13. He used to persuade me to study hard. His words sounded like my father.



14. Our professor demanded that we must write a term paper.



15. In my mother school in Hong Kong, I was told to love my mother country and to learn my mother tongue.



16. She could not settle down and study the lesson due to she was desperately homesick.



17. Though I told him that he should give up falling in love, but he turned a deaf ear to my advice.



18. I went to Taichung to visit my maternal grandmother and I lived there

     three and half days.



19. I recognized him on the first day I arrived at the university and we have since been roommates and close friends.



20. He told me he did not satisfy with his college life, and so did his cousins.



21. From I was a little boy I have been carefully protected by my mother.



22. Everybody was there that day besides John. We did not know what happened to him.



23. I learned the word yesterday but I do not remember it's meaning today.



24. During the past years she has been so nice to me that I will not forget
her forever.



25. I can hardly believe the first semester of my freshman year has past.