Common Errors (II)






June 7, 2003



Correct the errors in the following sentences:


1.         Grandmother was melancholy all day long after the traffic accident was happened on her fiftieth wedding anniversary.



2.         High school male graduates are required to accept military training if they pass the Joint College Entrance Examination.



3.         When the fall semester was over, many overseas Chinese students from Hong Kong backed to Hong Kong for the Chinese Lunar New Year.



4.         I was so exciting about the good news that I had a sleepless night last night.



5.         Many American children are emotionally-troubled in spite of America is a child-centered society.



6.         Your composition is good except the spelling.



7.         I sat up late last night to prepare midterm examinations.



8.         He told me that he spent most of his leisure hours to meditate on how to make impossible possible.



9.         This is the house which my brothers and I spent our happy childhood.



10.     One thing I don't like about Taipei is that there are numerous raining days during the raining season.



11.     Since he came to Taiwan for college education has been more than six months.



12.     I remembered that I had an English class on the afternoon of that eventful days.



13.     During the examination period, I hate to go to our library, where is crowded with surprisingly large number of students.



14.     I could lend him the money he badly needed if he had asked me to.



15.     The reason why he was late is because he had a sleepless night the night before.



16.     There have been demands that the Prime Minister must resign.



17.     While she was telling me many interesting things about Hong Kong, I wished that I was there.



18.     I stayed in Kaohsiung for sometime last year. I fell in love with it at first sight.



19.     She likes her sister so much that I can hardly tell them apart.



20.     In high school days I had to take Chinese, English, history, geography, algebra, physical education . . . . . . etc.



21.     It is essential that you must go and see her at once.



22.     You should tell me when you knew I got him wrong.



23.     I returned the lost book to whoever it was belonged to.



24.     As soon as I entered the classroom, I remember the textbook I forgot to bring with me.



25.     Helen asked me what department I majored in at the university.