July 4,

今年大學聯招英文作文題: The Difficulties I Have with Learning English.

拙著Practical English Grammar and Rhetoric(實用英文文法與修辭)由台北市文鶴出版有限公司(電話:02-23934497)1983年八月增訂新版以來,迄今巳發行至第九版第四刷。本書為英文寫作之工具書,因此自增訂版以來,書後即附有英文作文模擬題150,以便學生課後自行練習寫作。本題集中第48題己過時,特以藍色標示,另第72題恰巧與今年大學聯招英文作文題類似,特以紅色標示。




1.                 A Brief Account of Myself

2.                 A Comic Incident

3.                 A Day I Can Never Forget

4.                 A Dream That Comes True

5.                 A Teacher Who Has Influenced Me

6.                 A Happy Memory of the Past

7.                 A Teacher I Can Never Forget

8.                 A Teacher I Would Most Like to Forget

9.                 A Friend in My Past

10.             A Spring Day on the Campus

11.             A Childhood Experience

12.             A Pleasant Dream

13.             A Nightmare

14.             A Wakeful Night

15.             A Person I Admire

16.             A Person I Avoid

17.             A Person I'll Never Forget

18.             A Tribute to My Mother

19.             A Tribute to My Father

20.             A Defense of My Favorite Game

21.             A Visit to a Foreign Country

22.             A Day on the Beach

23.             A Rainy Day

24.             A Street Scene

25.             A Letter of Thanks

26.             A Letter of Application

27.             A Bus Ride

28.             A Train Ride

29.             A Taxi Ride

30.             An Airplane Ride

31.             An Unpleasant Person

32.             An Interesting Weekend

33.             An Unforgettable Lesson

34.             An Evening at Home

35.             An Account of the Orientation Party

36.             Age of Innocence

37.             Ask Not What Your Country Can Do for You but What you can Do for Your Country

38.             Describe the Four Seasons of a Year

39.             Describe the kind of person who would be a good university professor

40.             Education and National Reconstruction

41.             How I Fell in Love with English

42.             How to Help Foreigners Understand Our Country

43.             How to Be a Youth Today

44.             How to Make Our Country Prosperous

45.             How I Resisted a Great Temptation

46.             Highlights of My Childhood

47.             If I Had a Million Dollars

48.             If English Were Taught at Primary Schools in Taiwan

49.             If I Were a Diplomat

50.             If I Were a Freshman Again

51.              If I Were Born a Man

52.             If I Were Born a Woman

53.             What I Would Do if I Were a Composition Teacher

54.             Joy of Childhood

55.             Joy of College Life

56.             Knowledge and Wisdom

57.             Life in the Dormitory

58.             My First Punishment at School

59.             My First Day at the University

60.             My First Impression of the University

61.             My Biggest Problem

62.             My First Visit to Taipei (or any other large city)

63.             My First Date

64.             My First Stage Experience

65.             My Pets and What They Mean to Me

66.             My Lucky Day

67.             My Experience in Getting a Summer Job

68.             My Most Interesting Day

69.             My Favorite Pastime

70.             My Most Embarrassing Moment

71.             My First Trip Away from Home

72.             My Difficulties in Studying English

73.             My Experience in Studying English

74.             My Most Frightening Experience

75.             My Most Dangerous Experience

76.             My Plan for the Future

77.             My Hopes and Fears

78.             My Frustration

79.             My Regrets

80.             My Favorite Teacher

81.             My Favorite Hobby

82.             My Favorite Novel

83.             My Favorite Holiday

84.             My Favorite Way to Spend a Weekend

85.             My Closest Friend

86.             Money Is a Good Servant but a Bad Master

87.             On Being the Only Child

88.             On Being the Youngest in a Family

89.             On Being Late for School

90.             On Christmas Shopping

91.             On Cheating in an Examination

92.             On Rainy Days

93.             On Being an Outstanding Student

94.             On Learning to Speak English

95.             On Seeing the Sea for the First Time

96.             On Meeting New Teachers

97.             On Failing into Sleep in Classroom

98.             On Keeping a Diary

99.             On Preparing for an Examination

100.         On Being Bored

101.         On Being a Tutor

102.         On Getting to School on a Cold, Rainy Morning

103.         On Visiting a Teacher

104.         On Being Humble

105.         On Being Optimistic

106.         Occasions I Detest

107.         One Day at Home Alone

108.         One of My Childhood Dreams

109.         Our National Characteristics

110.         Our National Destiny Is Held in Our Own Hands

111.         Random Memories

112.         Recollections of My Childhood

113.         Saturday Afternoon

114.         Sunday Morning

115.         The Most Unforgettable Character I Have Met

116.         The Day I Would Most Like to Forget

117.         The Day I Would Like to Live Over

118.         Be Greatest Disappointment in my Life

119.         The Power of Habit

120.         The Funniest Experience I Ever Had

121.         The Most Important Day in My Life

122.         The Subject I Find Most Interesting

123.         The Importance of Language Learning

124.         The Importance ' of Personal Appearance

125.         The Importance of Self-control

126.         The Importance of Health

127.         The Pursuit of Happiness

128.         The Best Time I Ever Had

129.         The Danger of Self-pity

130.         The Road to World Peace

131.         The Happiest Person I Know

132.         The Worst Typhoon I Ever Experienced

133.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Part-time Student

134.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Life in a University Dormitory

135.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Large Family

136.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Small Town

137.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Examinations

138.         The Advantages and Disadvantages of Studying in the United States

139.         What I Would Like for Christmas

140.         What I Have Achieved in My Freshman Year

141.         What I Like and Dislike About My Daily Life

142.         What I Like and Dislike About the University

143.         What I Would Most Like to Accomplish This Term

144.         Why I Study English

145.         Why I Would Like to Be an English Teacher

146.         Why Students Fail in Examinations

147.         Why I Am Taking the Make-up Examination

148.         Where There Is a Will, There Is a Way

149.         Three Aspects of Education: the Moral, the Intellectual, and the Physical

150.         The School I Attended